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Fall,  CHE471/BTC548, 3hr
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  • Undergraduate (does not include the individual project)/graduate level course designed for pre-med, biology, chemistry or computer science students interested in the technology of the future.

  • Lectures followed by a computer workshop to gain practical skills in the field of computational molecular biology, especially the analysis of biological sequences and structures.

This course is offered for undergraduate students from faculties of chemistry, biology and computer science. Recent advances in fields such as bioinformatics, proteomics, genomics, and pharmacogenomics increased demand for people with combined experience in biology and computer science. As a part of their undergraduate curriculum students from computer science faculty taking this course will be exposed to notions and techniques used in molecular biology labs and students with biology background will have an introduction to computer programming, and using computers to retrieve and analyze biological data.. Laboratory experiments will teach students basic techniques used in modern molecular biology labs. Bioinformatics labs will give hands on experience with bioinformatics online tools and databases and introduce programming as a new important laboratory skill.